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Using a Program Office Profile

1. Go to Start > All Programs > Nuance Power PDF Advanced > Create Assistant
2. In the Nuance PDF Create Assistant window, click the Add button.

  • Navigate to the folder that has your office PDF files.
  • Click to highlight all the files. Click the Open Button.
  • The files are listed in the Nuance PDF Create Assistant
  1. For Profiles, pick the Office profile that you want to use. In this example, we will use Accountability Files
  1. Click the purple right arrow icon.
  1. The Print Info screen will display to show the files being worked on.
    • Under Job Queue, you will see the job.
    • Under PDF Creation Result, you will see the 4 files. You will see the current date
    • Under Creation Status, you will see that the Job is finished.
    • Click the Close button.
  1. Close the Nuance PDF Create Assistant window.
  2. Go to the folder that has your revised PDF files.
  3. Click to open the first file in Nuance Power PDF Advance.
    • In the left navbar, click on the Compliance Panel icon. It is a big checkmark. If you do not see the checkmark, right click in the left navbar area and select Compliance.
  • In the Compliance window, click on the Accessibility Check icon. It is a checkmark.
  • In the Accessibility Checker Options window, click OK.
  • The check shows us that a TITLE is missing.
  • Close the Compliance panel.
  • To insert the TITLE:
    • In the left navbar, click the Select Tool. It looks like an arrow.
    • Click to highlight the text that you would like to use for the TITLE.
    • Right-click and select Copy
    • Click File in the menu bar.
  • Under Properties > Title, right-click and select Paste

  • Click the back arrow, in the left navbar.

  1. Click the Save icon.
  2. If you run the Accessibility Checker, you will see that the TITLE has been fixed.

  3. Continue adding the TITLE to the other revised PDF files.