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NYSED Online Services: User Account Requirements

CN - Child Nutrition

  • User Account Requirements:
    • To obtain a user name and password, you will need to submit a Child Nutrition Management System SFA Application. Click on SFA application for a printable copy of the form.
    • Each SFA can be assigned one primary user. That individual can then go on-line and establish additional SFA users, management company users or SFA Viewers. SFA users can update program information and prepare and submit claims on-line. Management company users can view program information and prepare claims on-line, which can then be submitted on-line by an SFA user. SFA Viewers can only view information. They do not have update privileges.
    • When your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail that will include your user name and password. Both your user name and password are case sensitive. Once you log on, you can change your password.

IHRS - Impartial Hearing Reporting System

  • User Account Requirements:
    • Every school district has been requested to designate at least two users of the system. These individuals may include but are not limited to the district clerk, superintendent, CSE chair, counsel for the district and support staff. These personnel are typically most familiar with the impartial hearing process and have the most access to hearing information. Personnel authorized by their school district may secure a confidential password by contacting their delegated administrator for the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). Personnel may contact their school superintendent if the SEDDAS delegated administrator is not immediately known. If the SEDDAS delegated administrator experiences any problems accessing SEDDAS, assigning a username or resetting a password he or she may contact the NYSED SEDDAS Help Desk by phone: 518-473-8832 or email: The email should include the delegated administrator's name, district and phone number.
    • Specifics of usernames and passwords: District personnel and IHO usernames are in firstname.lastname format. Usernames may be entered in either upper or lower case. A six digit number and letter combination password will be assigned to you when you contact your SEDDAS delegated administrator. Passwords are case sensitive.

PD - Pupils with Disabilities

  • User Account Requirements:
    • If you do not have a user id and password to submit data through this website, please send an e-mail message to  to request this information. Please provide your name, title, name of school district or approved private school, phone number and e-mail address to request this information.