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Tips for Using

Password Required Password Required Link

Some web pages require a password for the user to continue on. If that is the case, those links will be followed by an icon Password Required Link to indicate that the link goes to a password protected page.

External Links

NYSED provides many links to external web sites for your convenience. These links will be followed by an icon  to indicate that the link goes to another web site.

Sometimes external pages we link to are moved or removed creating a broken link. If you think you have come across a broken link on our Web site please notify our webmaster.

Document Icons

If a document is available in a format other than HTML, there will usually be an icon after the link to indicate the format as well as the file size. The following are examples of document icons you might see:

  •  indicates an Adobe PDF file.
  •  indicates a Mircosoft Word Document and in some cases a Word Document Template (.dot).
  •  indicates a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
  • PowerPoint file icon indicates a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Text file icon indicates a Text Document or a Rich Text File.


The New York State Education Department is not responsible for the software listed above or your use of it. The links above are provided for your convenience and does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the software or companies.