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Standards Review Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 'AIMHighNY'?

    AIMHighNY is an opportunity for all New Yorkers to participate in New York’s effort to improve outcomes for our students by providing feedback on the Common Core Learning Standards.

  • Why is New York conducting a review of the Common Core Learning Standards?

    The Common Core Learning Standards were adopted in 2011 and since then there has been considerable discussion throughout the state and the country relative to ELA and math standards. This review provides an opportunity for all stakeholders – teachers, members of higher education, parents, grandparents, students, business leaders, community members and others – to provide input and improve upon the standards based upon our collective experience over the past few years.

  • How can New Yorkers participate in the review?

    You can participate online at through a tool that will allow you to provide feedback on specific standards. You can make comments on likes, dislikes of particular standards and offer recommendation for revisions, additions or deletions.

  • How will the information be analyzed?

    The survey results will reviewed and analyzed by committees of educators and others with content expertise who will make recommendations to the Board of Regents.

  • Does my comment matter?

    Yes! Your experience since the adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards may have brought to the surface key elements requiring revision.

    With that said, NYSED is not undertaking a major re-work of the standards as they are the culmination of an extended, broad-based effort to fulfill the charge issued by the states to create the next generation of K–12 standards in order to help ensure that all students are college and career ready in literacy no later than the end of high school.

    The present work builds on the foundation laid by states in their decades-long work on crafting high-quality education standards. The Standards also draw on the most important international models as well as research and input from numerous sources, including state departments of education, scholars, assessment developers, professional organizations, educators from kindergarten through college, and parents, students, and other members of the public. The Standards represent a synthesis of the best elements of standards-related work to date and an important advance over that previous work.

  • What is the timeline?

    NYSED will be posting the survey the week of October 19. It will be available for 40 days. The results will be analyzed and recommendations made to the Board of Regents by the end of December 2015.

  • Where can I direct my questions?

    Please email all questions (programmatic and technical) to

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