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January 2, 2024
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Mark Potter Appointed as Fiscal Consultant to Rochester City School District

New York State Education Department Commissioner Betty A. Rosa announced today the appointment of Dr. Mark Potter to serve as fiscal consultant for the Rochester City School District effective January 1, 2024. Dr. Potter assumes the position that Jaime Alicea vacated when the Commissioner appointed him to become monitor of the district. Dr. Potter will work closely with the monitor, district staff, and Department staff to ensure that the district is able to successfully implement its Academic Improvement and Financial plans and achieve long-term fiscal stability.

Board of Regents Chancellor Lester W. Young, Jr. said, “The Rochester City School District must achieve continued fiscal and academic progress to ensure the students of Rochester receive the high-quality education they deserve. Dr. Potter’s expertise in instruction, finance, facilities management, and operations makes him well suited to assist the district in addressing the fiscal and operational challenges they have faced in recent years.”

Commissioner Rosa said, “The Rochester City School District will need to address the sunsetting of federal stimulus funds, the likely continued stagnation of local city support for the district, and the implementation of the district’s grade reconfiguration and facilities modernization plans. I am confident that Dr. Potter can help the district to address these issues so that they can focus on the critical work of improving academic achievement and ensuring equity for all students.”

Dr. Potter retired in June 2022 as District Superintendent of the Liverpool Central School District (LCSD) after a distinguished career. His tenure at LCSD included serving ten years as District Superintendent, as well as previous service to the community in the roles of Executive Director for Secondary Education; Acting Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics; and FOCUS Academy Principal. Prior to joining the LCSD, Dr. Potter served as a teacher; Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics; and Elementary School Principal and High School Principal in the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District. Dr. Potter has extensive experience in finance and budgeting, facilities management planning and construction project management, and implementation of grade reconfiguration plans.

Under the terms of the Department’s agreement with Dr. Potter, he will advise and assist the district and the monitor in developing and implementing school budgets. He also will be tasked with reviewing the proposed school budget to determine whether, to the greatest extent possible, the proposed budget is consistent with the district academic improvement plan and financial plan. Dr. Potter also will advise the district on the effective use of federal funds; offer strategies to launch, appropriately implement, and successfully complete the district’s facilities modernization and grade reconfiguration plans; and identify cost-savings opportunities.

Dr. Potter will report regularly to the Commissioner on his activities. His work is entirely paid for by funds provided to the Department in the State budget, and there is no charge to the district for his services.