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March 12, 2024
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Board of Regents Unanimously Elects Judith Chin to Serve as Vice Chancellor

The Board of Regents unanimously elected Regent Judith Chin to the post of Vice Chancellor, Commissioner Betty A. Rosa announced today. Regent Chin has been integral to the Board’s work on critically important issues, including ensuring equity for all of our students, implementing high-quality learning standards that will improve the teaching and learning that takes place in New York’s classrooms, and offering students multiple, rigorous pathways to earn a meaningful high school diploma as the Regents and Department, together with educational stakeholders, work to implement the Graduation Measures Blue Ribbon Commission findings. Vice Chancellor Chin assumes the position vacated by Vice Chancellor Emerita Josephine Finn.

Board of Regents Chancellor Lester W. Young, Jr. said, “Vice Chancellor Chin is the right person to help lead the Board of Regents’ efforts to ensure educational equity for all students. The Vice Chancellor’s exceptional work as Co-chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduation Measures is emblematic of her commitment to ensuring that all students have access to the opportunities needed for success in school and beyond. I would also like to thank Vice Chancellor Emerita Josephine Finn for her many years of dedicated, professional, and passionate service to the Board of Regents, both as a Board member and Vice Chancellor. The Board and I wish her continued success and fulfillment in all her pursuits.”

Commissioner Rosa said, “Vice Chancellor Chin has always been an eloquent and forceful advocate for all students, regardless of their life circumstances. She is a true believer in the inherent value of every person; she believes to her core that all children can succeed with the right supports. Vice Chancellor Chin is respected and admired by her colleagues and peers, as displayed by her unanimous selection as Vice Chancellor.”

The Board conducted its election process, including the nomination of Regent Chin, full discussion, and vote in public session. Video of the discussion and vote will be available on the Department’s website in the coming days. Her term as Vice Chancellor is April 1, 2024, through March 30, 2025. In the absence or inability of the Chancellor to act, the Vice Chancellor serves as the presiding officer of the Board of Regents, which is responsible for the general supervision of all educational activities within the state.

Vice Chancellor Judith Chin

Judith J. Chin was elected by joint session of the Legislature to the Board of Regents to a three-year term (March 10, 2015 - March 31, 2018) and re-elected to five-year terms in 2018 and 2023 as the Regent representing the borough of Queens, the 11th Judicial District.

Regent Chin is a lifelong educator. She has served the students of New York City for over 35 years as a teacher, principal, Executive Director of Instruction and Professional Development, a Regional Superintendent, Chief Education Officer, and a Supervising Superintendent for over 230 schools across the five boroughs. Her collective experiences academically and practical at the school, district, and central levels in New York City, as well as a parent have provided her with the depth and breadth of knowledge essential in making informed decisions to sustain school improvement efforts to increase academic achievement for all students.

Regent Chin is a first-generation Chinese American woman and was the first Asian-American member on the Board of Regents. She understands the struggles of immigrant families and their hopes for their children to achieve the American dream. She is a product of the New York City public school system and proud that her children followed in her footsteps in choosing to enter the educational field as well.

Regent Chin has received numerous awards throughout her career: The Distinguished Educator Award in 1994, The New York State Assembly Citation for Excellence in Education in 2005, Congressional Citation for Leadership- Congressman Gregory Meeks in 2007, Distinguished Woman of the Year – Senator Frank Padavan and City Council of the City of New York Proclamation for Education Excellence in 2010.

On the Board, Regent Chin serves as Co-Chair of the P-12 Education Committee, which reviews and develops policy recommendations related to elementary, middle, and secondary education. She also serves as the Chair of the Graduation Measures Blue Ribbon Commission’s Subcommittee on Measurements and Assessment.