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October 11, 2012
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Teacher and School Leader Effectiveness Grants Announced Grants Will Help Schools Recruit, Develop, Support and Retain Effective Educators

State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr. today announced 17 school districts and charter schools have been awarded grants under the Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (STLE) program, and another 32 applicants have received qualifying scores required for funding but do not yet have approved Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plans. STLE grants are targeted to support school districts and charter schools utilizing, as part of their implementation of an APPR plan, a comprehensive approach to recruitment, development, support, retention and equitable distribution of effective teachers and school leaders.

Public school districts and public charter schools with at least 25 percent of students who are from low-income families were eligible for the STLE grants. Grant applications were coordinated between school districts and local principal and teacher unions. By January 17, 2013, all grant-eligible applicants must have an approved APPR plan as required by Education Law §3012-c to receive funding. The State Education Department (SED) anticipates awarding $58,612,275 over the next two years to support public school districts and charter schools to strengthen the effectiveness of teachers and leaders.

"Research shows the best way for schools to help students succeed is to have an effective teacher in every classroom and an effective principal in every school building,” Commissioner King said. “But all too often, our highest need students miss out on great teachers and school leaders. STLE grants will help school districts recruit, develop, support, and retain effective teachers and leaders at every level.

"Our goal is to prepare every student to graduate college and career ready. These grants are the product of collaborative efforts between school districts and local unions that share that goal. It’s all about helping our students succeed.”

King said the grant is part of the Board of Regents’ statewide effort to strengthen educator effectiveness at all levels, with special emphasis on supporting high-need students, improving learning of English language learners and students with disabilities, advancing student learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines, and improving the equitable distribution of highly effective teachers and leaders.

Plans for STLE funding must focus on various elements of a strategically planned Teacher and Leader Effectiveness System, including preparation, recruitment and placement, induction and mentoring, evaluation, ongoing professional development/professional growth, performance management and career ladders. All eligible districts must continue to fully implement the requirements of Education Law 3012-c throughout the entire grant period to remain eligible for reimbursement for activities completed under the STLE grant. STLE initiatives in approved grant recipient plans include:

  1. Develop Bilingual Extension and Autism Endorsement programs in-district, taught by district teachers and administrators, and coordinated with local institutions of higher education;
  2. Appoint a Supervisor of Educator Effectiveness responsible for the implementation, oversight and communication regarding evaluation system;
  3. Expand a Teacher Mentor Program, including a Teacher Mentor Coordinator and professional development focused on delivering instruction that meets the needs of English Language Learners;
  4. Use videos on an intra-school/district basis to create a bank of exemplary lessons for mentoring and training;
  5. Survey staff to measure employee satisfaction;
  6. Train Mathematics Coaches, ELA Coaches and Technology Coaches to work on an inter-disciplinary basis, across all subjects and grade levels;
  7. Create Career Ladder positions including: Instructional Coach, Peer Reviewer, Peer Coach, Teacher Leader, Administrative Resident, and School Leader.

The STLE grants and activities are supported, in whole or part, by New York State’s Race to the Top federal funds.

A list of school districts and charter schools awarded STLE grants and those eligible is available at:

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