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September 5, 2017
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Chancellor Rosa And Commissioner Elia Statement On Executive Actions On DACA

By ending the DACA program, President Trump ignores the vast contributions Dreamers have already made to our nation’s economy and society, as well as their vast potential for future contributions. Now it is time for our Congressional leaders to demonstrate true leadership and embrace Dreamers for what they are – productive, hard-working, tax-paying members of our communities.

Dreamers are American in every way except for their immigration status. Congress must now codify the rights of Dreamers and bestow upon them what America’s founders declared in our nation’s Declaration of Independence as the rights of all Americans: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Please join us in calling on New York’s Congressional delegation to fight to allow Dreamers to continue to live productive lives and further contribute to making our America a better America, where the tenets of inclusiveness and equity are the pillars of our society.