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Office of Innovation and School Reform

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Office of Innovation and School Reform
Dr. Ray Giamartino, Jr., Assistant Commissioner
89 Washington Avenue, Room 366 EBA, Albany, NY 12234
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School District Superintendent Receivers
Dr. Ray Giamartino, Jr., Assistant Commissioner
2023-2024 Receivership Quarter 2 Progress Reporting
December 14, 2023

In alignment with the New York State Education Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Framework, the Office of Innovation and School Reform (OISR) is committed to providing targeted technical assistance and support to Schools under Receivership in ensuring all students’ equitable access to high quality educational programs and SEL-based services in a safe space.

As you know, OISR’s performance management and reporting schedule includes, but is not limited to, the submission of quarterly progress reports to assist the school and district community, Commissioner, and Board of Regents in determining the extent to which schools are on track to achieve their Demonstrable Improvement Indicators (DIIs) and the extent to which key data are used to monitor and adjust the improvement planning process and related plan implementation.

As such, attached is the 2023-2024 Receivership School Quarter 2 Report template districts will use to report and reflect on progress toward the implementation of key strategies and Demonstrable Improvement Indicator (DII) target attainment.

As was outlined in the August 22, 2023, 2023-2024 Performance Management, Technical Assistance and Reporting (Guidance Memo), the timeframe for activities to be included in the Quarter 2 Report is October 31, 2023 - January 31, 2024, and as such, the Quarter 2 submission due date is January 31, 2024. Quarterly Reports will continue to be submitted via email at, with a copy to the district’s OISR Lead Performance Management Liaison.

Please feel free to contact your district’s OISR Lead Performance Management Liaison or send an email to for needed supports. Thank you for your continued collegiality as we sustain our focused work and collaboration to create and sustain safe, nurturing, and engaging learning environments for ALL students.

c: Jason Harmon, Deputy Commissioner, P-12 Operational Support, NYSED
    Amanda Lester, OISR Supervisor, NYSED
    Adeline Jebaraj, OISR Associate, NYSED
    Matthew Rider, OISR Associate, NYSED
    Jermaine Hardy, OISR Associate, NYSED
    Jason O’Connell, OISR Associate, NYSED