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District Superintendents of BOCES
Superintendents of Public Schools
Rose M. LeRoy, Director of Educational Data and Research
Shannon Logan, Coordinator of Technology Policy
Public District Instructional Technology Plans
December 5, 2017

All New York State public school districts are required to submit instructional technology plans per Part 100.12 of Commissioner’s Regulations.  This memo is intended to provide information to public district administrators on the 2018-2021 Instructional Technology Plans (ITP).

As in prior years, districts will enter their ITP information into the SED Monitoring System, available through the NYSED Application Business Portal.  The system will open for the 2018-21 ITPs in early 2018. An announcement of the opening will be made to the Regional Information Centers (RICS) and Big 5 Districts, and will be published on NYSED’s Office of Educational Design and Technology’s website.

ITPs must be certified before they are submitted to NYSED.  RICs will provide NYSED-approved reviewers who will work with Rest-of-State (RoS) districts until the reviewer can certify that all components of the plan have been completed as required.  Each RIC will set interim plan submission deadlines that will vary by region.  Please contact your RIC for details about your region’s interim deadlines.  The Big 5 districts will work directly with NYSED.

All ITPs must be submitted to NYSED by Friday, October 26, 2018.

The ITP will cover the three-year period from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021. Annual updates to the plan will be allowed but will not be required. Updates in 2019-20 and 2020-21 will not require RIC certification and will be submitted directly to NYSED.

NYSED has worked closely with stakeholder groups to make several changes to the Instructional Technology Plans.  These changes reflect an intentional shift from the ITP as a data-collection survey to an actual framework for a comprehensive technology plan that is tied closely to the district’s overall goals for improving teaching and learning.

The number of sections in the plan have been decreased and restructured. In direct response to suggestions and feedback, a significant number of questions were deleted as the data is already, or will be, collected through other means.  The new ITP no longer contains quantitative questions about hardware, software and infrastructure.  In 2018, some of this data will be collected via the Basic Educational Data System (BEDS).

Districts are encouraged to utilize BOCES and RIC Model Schools staff members to assist with preparing their Instructional Technology Plans, and with using the ITP to create a more comprehensive technology plan.

Districts can find the ITP questions, further guidance, and other supporting resources on the Office of Educational Design and Technology’s website.

If you have questions regarding the Instructional Technology Plans, please contact your Regional Information Center or the NYSED Office of Educational Design and Technology at or via phone at (518) 474-5461.

Thank you for your continued assistance with this important work.