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School Districts and BOCES
Eric Suhr, Bureau Chief, Career and Technical Education Office
Implementing Secondary CTE Approved Barbering Programs
July 29, 2014

While barbering programs currently exist at the secondary level, they have not undertaken the program approval process and cannot offer students in those programs the benefits associated with a CTE approved program. School districts and BOCES have been unable to complete the program approval process needed to establish state-approved secondary barbering programs due to the Regents CTE policy requirements. Because of the field’s continuing interest in implementing approved barbering programs, a review was done to identify the specific barriers to program approval in this occupational area.

It was found that the major obstacle to program approval was the lack of a written technical assessment. Unlike other licensing exams they administer, The New York State Department of State requires only a performance component in the barbering exam. The CTE program approval process, however, requires students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a three part assessment. These industry specific skills assessments have three components: performance, written, and project/ portfolio.

A review of the Department of State recommended curriculum outline for barbering revealed that a certain number of hours of instructional content coincide with content found in a number of written assessments developed by third party entities. To be considered appropriate for secondary CTE program approval purposes, the content found in the barbering curriculum must be formally reviewed to ensure that program content aligns with the industry standards that are the basis for all three parts of a technical skills assessment (i.e., the performance assessment required for state licensing, a third- party written exam, and a student project/portfolio).

The following content areas were identified in recommended barbering syllabi and align with a number of third-party written assessments available in related program areas. Note that New York State does not endorse or recommend any specific technical assessments. Current policy only requires that an approved program align with an industry-based technical assessment for purposes of awarding an endorsement on a student’s high school diploma. To assist agencies preparing for secondary program approval, the following content areas should be considered when selecting written assessments

  • Professional ethics and career opportunities
  • Safety and health regulations
  • Communication skills
  • Business management and leadership skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Financial literacy skills
  • Computer literacy skills

If you have specific questions pertaining to starting a secondary CTE approved barbering program please contact Nicole Hadsell at or 518-486-1547.