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My Brother's Keeper

TOC II Spotlight: SUNY Cortland

We featured this TOC II spotlight in our June 2018 newsletter

After being inspired by her experience at the New York State My Brother's Keeper Symposium this spring, SUNY Cortland TOC II Project Director and CURE Coordinator Anne Burns Thomas shared her thoughts with SUNY Cortland alumni and students:

"I was fortunate to travel to Albany for the MBK Symposium meeting. The conference was informative and inspiring as we learned about initiatives in communities across the state, were introduced to the first round of MBK Fellows and listened to presentations from Principal Baruti Kafele. One of the rallying cries for the conference was that our work should not only change the narrative about young men of color but should write a new narrative highlighting the strength and potential of all students. I came away from this conference renewed in my commitment to create a teacher education program that supports and prepares teachers who are ready to write this new narrative."

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