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My Brother's Keeper

MBK Community Network Spotlight: De'Andre Brown Speaks at 2019 Obama Foundation Summit

We featured this MBK Community Network spotlight in our November 2019 newsletter.

On October 29, De'Andre Brown shared his experiences at the 2019 Obama Foundation Summit. Brown is a 2019 graduate of Yonkers Middle High School, where he participated in the Yonkers MBK Community. 

"What do you see when you see me?" he asked. "I'm a graduate with distinction, a scholarship student at one of the most prestigious private universities in the country. Do you see someone who's beating the odds or someone who succeeded on his own terms?" He spoke about growing up in Yonkers: "Do you see someone who's persevered in spite of his environment or found purpose because of it? When I was in high school, I struggled with emotional challenges, but the My Brother's Keeper initiative supported me and believed in me."

Watch De'Andre Brown's speech.

Brown also participated on the panel discussion, "What Can I Do Where I Am?" with Barack Obama and Yara Shahidi, as well as fellow Obama Foundation program participants Samira Koujok, Mimi Gonzalez, and Francisca Mbula Awah. 

Watch the panel discussion. 

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