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My Brother's Keeper

MBK Challenge Spotlight: NYC District 19

We featured this MBK Challenge spotlight in our June 2018 newsletter

NYC District 19 held its MBK convening in May, focusing on the core value of pride and emphasizing self-respect and character development. The convening began with a mindfulness exercise to prepare the young men to enter into the day with clarity and calmness in order to receive the information being provided.

District 19 Superintendent Dr. Thomas McBryde Jr. shared stories about how his alma mater, Morehouse College, along with his family, instilled pride within him that drives the work he does today. Participants heard from guests including Paul Forbes of the Expanded Success Initiative and NYSED's Carlos Garcia, a District 19 native. Students spent the convening in sessions covering topics such as mindfulness, professional environments, and how to tie a tie.

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