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My Brother's Keeper

Jourdain Jenkins

2019-20 MBK Fellow

Spring Valley High School


If you could use 2-3 words to describe MBK, what would they be?

Three words that I would use to describe MBK are enlightening, fulfilling, and inspirational.


How has being involved in MBK impacted you?

Being an MBK Fellow has allowed me to become a much more effective leader and it has allowed me to make a variety of connections with amazing people from many parts of New York State. My self-confidence has grown tremendously since joining MBK and I learned to be a more selfless individual.


What do you look forward to most as a 2019-20 MBK Fellow?

I look forward to attending a plethora of future leadership summits, where I will convene with my peers and listen to the wise statements of various state education officials.