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My Brother's Keeper

Fellows Spotlight: Stand and Deliver Leadership Workshop

We featured this Fellows spotlight in our February 2020 newsletter

On February 14th, MBK Fellows participated in an extensive day-long leadership workshop at the New York State Museum in Albany. The day began with Dr. Alston providing an introduction and establishing the day's purpose.

Speakers included Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, author of the book Madd Truth, which Fellows read as a requirement for the Mastermind Calls with Dr. Alston, and music artist and activist, MySonne, known as "The N.Y. General," who gave the keynote presentation, "They Don't Get to Define You." The workshops and speeches focused on leadership development, community building, and self-awareness.

Throughout the day, the Fellows stood tall and delivered their stories using public speaking skills they learned from their virtual training sessions with Principal Baruti Kafele on January 10th and 17th.

Fellows also had the chance to develop their leadership and public speaking skills during a town hall discussion on reviewing high school graduation requirements led by Dr. Wyatt. The day concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Don Applyrs and an evening Fellowship.