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My Brother's Keeper

Fellows Spotlight: Leadership Workshop

We featured this MBK Fellows spotlight in our March 2019 newsletter

On Friday, February 15, NYS MBK hosted the My Brother's Keeper Fellows for a leadership workshop entitled "Stand and Deliver" in the Huxley Theater at the New York State Museum. A total of 30   MBK Fellows came together for this workshop to culminate their experience. The workshop featured Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt, author of the book Madd Truth, and Dr. Don Applyrs, NYSED's Director of Family and Community Engagement. Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Applyrs provided the MBK Fellows leadership development in community building, increased self-awareness, and the essential tools for the next phase in their academic and life journeys. Applying public speaking tips obtained from virtual training sessions with Principal Baruti Kafele, the Fellows stood tall and confidently delivered presentations highlighting their authentic leadership experience(s) as MBK Fellows.

On Saturday, February 16, the MBK Fellows also visited the Legislative Office Building for the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators 48th Annual Legislative Conference. During the caucus, NYS MBK conducted a three-part workshop, led by NYSED Assistant Commissioner for Access, Equity, and Community Engagement Dr. Anael Alston, and sponsored by Assembly Member Latrice Monique Walker, to provide an update on the growing MBK movement across New York State and demonstrate the impact and implications of the Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC II) and the My Brother's Keeper Fellows programs. MBK Fellows Patrick St. Ange, Kailen Mayfield, Nathaniel Swanson, and Jason Ortega participated in a panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Anael Alston, shedding light on their MBK experiences.

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