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My Brother's Keeper

Family and Community Engagement Spotlight: Ossining Basics

We featured this FCEP spotlight in our January 2019 newsletter

Dozens of families attended the recent Ossining Basics MBK Launch at Anne M. Dorner (AMD) Middle School. The dinner was a celebration of local organizations and community members that are creating opportunities for Ossining's young men. Speakers included Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity; Superintendent Raymond Sanchez; Ossining High School (OHS) senior Patrick Saint Ange; seventh-grader Gavin Thomas-Walters; and Rev. Dr. Jim Bostic, executive director of the Nepperhan Community Center in Yonkers.

Dr. Bostic, a Doctor of Theology and a former NBA player, said that where people begin in life has nothing to do with where they end up. He had a difficult childhood and spent time in foster care but he worked hard and stayed focused on his passion - basketball. He ended up playing for the Detroit Pistons. "Follow your passion because your passion will lead to your purpose," he said.

Approximately 70 boys participate in MBK at Ossining's Roosevelt Elementary School, AMD, and OHS.

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