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My Brother's Keeper

Family and Community Engagement Spotlight: Lyons

We featured this FCEP spotlight in our June 2018 newsletter

In partnership with 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants, AmeriCorps, and the MBK initiative and with support from Advantage Afterschool Sites, the Wayne County Action Program  created the Wayne County Mentoring Program using the New York State Mentoring Model.

More than 75 Wayne County high school students were trained as mentors and met weekly during designated times using activities and techniques provided by the NYS Mentoring Program. A Lyons High School MBK student, Tyrese Jenkins, was honored as part of the NYS Mentoring Program celebration. When asked why he was interested in the program, Tyrese said, "The kids reminded me of myself at that age. I never had anything like this. I only had bad examples of what not to be. I wanted to be a positive influence in a kid's life." When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, he said, "Being a part of MBK, I now see myself doing something to help better the Lyons Community."

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