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My Brother's Keeper

Family and Community Engagement Spotlight: Fallsburg CSD

We featured this FCEP spotlight in our January 2019 newsletter

Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson, Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University and Co-Founder of Tripod Education Partners and the Basics Initiative, was a featured keynote speaker at a recent Fallsburg Central School District superintendent's conference day.

Dr. Ferguson spoke to early childhood developers from the Greater Hudson Valley Health System (Catskill and Orange Regional Medical Centers), Sullivan County Healthy Families, Independent Living, Sullivan County Child Care Council, Project Excel, and Fallsburg's Benjamin Cosor Elementary School. Dr. Ferguson discussed the Basics Initiative for early childhood caregiving, addressing common cognitive gaps between children aged 0-3 depending on family income levels.

Teachers and staff responded enthusiastically to Dr. Ferguson's keynote address and to visitations by Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Matthew T. Evans, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, to individualized sessions throughout the day. Ellenville and Monticello Central School District's MBK program staff also joined the conference.

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