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My Brother's Keeper

ESMP Spotlight: Health and Science Activities Fair at JHS 80

We featured this ESMP spotlight in our January 2020 newsletter

In December 2019, the Health and Science Activities Fair was held at JHS 80 in the Bronx. The event was hosted by Mentoring in Medicine in collaboration with the Jacobi-Montefiore Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Take Care New York, and the NYC Department of Health. 

The ESMP grant was used to transform the school's gym into an immersive health and science experience for 315 middle school students. Students had the opportunity to participate in 22 hands-on lessons from physicians and pre-health college students. 

The activities included a demonstration of the dangers of vaping using sheep lungs, guided CPR instruction, a lesson on flu prevention techniques, and the creation of 3D molecules.