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My Brother's Keeper

Community Spotlight: Mount Pleasant Cottage School UFSD joins MBK Community

We featured this Fellows spotlight in our Winter 2021 newsletter

New York State My Brother's Keeper is pleased to welcome our newest community, Mount Pleasant Cottage School UFSD. The district is made up of two schools. Mount Pleasant Cottage School primarily which serves K-12 students who have emotional disabilities and the Edenwald School which serves K-12 students with autism as well as emotional and cognitive disabilities.

The district is committed to the success of every student, and ensures that students are being delivered a highly rigorous curriculum while providing, through our highly trained staff, and the accommodations and support they need to succeed. That dedication to students has resulted in a consistent increase district-wide in state test scores each of the past five years.

The district’s alternative and vocational programs provide expanded opportunities and multiple pathways to achieve success. Mount Pleasant Cottage School UFSD recently begun their first New York State-approved CTE program, in Culinary Arts. This program provides the students an opportunity to graduate with an industry credential as well as college credit. Building off this success, they are looking to expand their certified CTE programs and currently offer vocational classes in Cosmetology, Graphic Design and Technology in addition to Culinary Arts. To help all students reach their full potential, they also have a TASC program for students who enter the district with little or no credits past the time their cohort has graduated. The TASC program allows these students to receive an equivalency diploma and still receive the full supports of the school district.