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My Brother's Keeper

Cedrick Dimanche

2019-20 MBK Fellow

Brentwood High School


If you could use 2-3 words to describe MBK, what would they be?

Helpful, resourceful, and encouraging.


How has being involved in MBK impacted you?

It has impacted me by encouraging me with so many conferences and opportunities for us to connect with different speakers and mentors and showing how college can benefit you. Also by seeing other students with the same issues and by giving us the opportunity to come together. I believe MBK is a brotherhood and a safe space where we can communicate and be ourselves, talk openly about our problems, and break down the "macho man" barriers that sometimes get in the way of letting us be our true selves.


What do you look forward to most as a 2019-20 MBK Fellow?

Watching MBK grow.  Not only being a member but also being an inspiration to the younger kids and being a guide for the students who do join. I am happy and proud to be an MBK Fellow this year.