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My Brother's Keeper

Camron Ruckman

2019-20 MBK Fellow

Henninger High School


If you could use 2-3 words to describe MBK, what would they be?

If I could describe MBK in three words, to me it would be inspiring, powerful, and diverse (in the community/areas people are located).


How has being involved in MBK impacted you?

Being involved in the MBK impacted me, by leaving a mark on my life, it opened my eyes to some issues I wasn't aware of.  It also made me realize what my importance is in this world.


What do you look forward to most as a 2019-20 MBK Fellow?

What I look forward to most as a 2019-20 MBK Fellow is guiding others in the right path, informing others about MBK, meeting new people, and continuing to lead by example.