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Funding Opportunities for Educational Technology

There are many mechanisms available to obtain funding for educational technology devices, infrastructure, and related services. One valuable resource is State Aid for technology purchases.

A Funding Matrix is shown below to help administrators compare the features of some funding mechanisms that may be available.

In addition, there may be technology-related federal funding available from the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

The Governor’s New NY Broadband program may be a source of funds for community and educational technology-related infrastructure. 


Funding Opportunities for Educational Technology

Eligible Expenditures Listed by Funding Sources
(Updated April 2020)


Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA)*

Instructional Materials Aid



Building Aid

Learning Technology Grant (LTG)

Smart Start Grant

Advanced Course Access (ACA) Grant

ESSA Title IV, Part A - SSAE

Devices   Certain programs may be eligible  

Assistive Devices







Digital Textbooks (E-Textbooks)





Digital Content




Professional Development











New Broadband (fiber)







Broadband Enhancements



















Technical Support









A printable version of this Funding Matrix Chart is available for download.

* SSBA funds cannot be used to leverage other sources of State Aid. Similar restrictions may apply to other funding sources.

** Within buildings only – not to connect buildings The information included in this matrix is not all-inclusive. A thorough review of the guidelines, eligible expenditures, application, reporting and accounting protocols of each funding source is the responsibility of the district. Refer to the guidance found in the funding source name’s link to source web pages for details and specific requirements of each program.

Funding Source Descriptions

Smart Schools Bond Act (SSBA)*

Instructional Materials Aid



Building Aid

Learning Technology Grant (LTG)

Smart Start Grant

Advanced Course Access (ACA) Grant Program

ESSA Title IV, Part A - Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)

$2B in bond funds allocated to all districts on a reimbursable basis. Can be used for educational technology, school and community connectivity.

Entitlement to districts, annual reimbursement for Textbook, Software, Library Materials, and Computer Hardware & Equipment.

$2.4B nationwide discounts on telecom and internet purchased services: Category 1 funding supports connectivity to schools and public libraries; Category 2 funding supports in school or public library building networks.

State Aid reimbursement to districts through shared services, with reimbursement ratios in wealth-based formulas.

Building Aid is available for expenditures incurred in construction of new buildings, additions, alterations or modernization of district-owned building.

$3.285M annually in 3-year cycles, competitive RFP grant to LEAs, in support of learning technology and professional development.

$6M annually for 5 years (7/1/2020-6/30/2025) competitive RFP grant to develop and share innovative programs that provide professional development to increase expertise in computer science, engineering, and
educational technology for K-8 teachers. 

$1.75M annually for 2 years (7/1/2020-6/30/2022) competitive RFP grant to increase equity in access to advanced courses for high school students who currently have very limited or no access to advanced courses, through online learning, distance learning, or other evidence-based methods.

Allocational grants for LEAs to be used for Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities, Safe and Healthy Students, and the Effective Use of Technology. A portion of program funds, if $30,000 or greater, must be used for increasing effective use of technology to improve the academic achievement, academic growth, and digital literacy of all students.

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