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Guidance and Parameters Published for Innovative Educational Technology Program Articles

September 29, 2017

Request for Articles: Innovative Educational Technology Programs

NYSED Office of Educational Design and Technology

Guidance and Parameters

The Office of Educational Design and Technology is actively seeking articles, for a newsletter called NYS Ed Tech Innovators, describing examples of innovative educational technology programs that have been or are currently being implemented in New York State public, charter, religious, or independent schools and districts.  The purpose of this request is to share information with audiences statewide, so that educators and administrators can benefit from collective knowledge and experience.

We are interested in sharing school and district experiences related to the following topics: 

Active Learning Spaces/Makerspaces Infrastructure; Privacy and Security
Project-Based Learning Keyboarding Instruction
Personalized Learning Pilots and Proof of Concept
Device Planning and Implementation (1:1, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)) Professional Learning
OER (Open Educational Resources) and Digital Curriculum Policy, Planning, and Leadership Related to Educational Technology
Culturally Responsive Instruction with Technology Assistive Technologies that Support Teaching and Learning

Articles must be written by current NYS educators, administrators, or educational leaders in NYS P12 schools, districts, BOCES, or RICs.  
NYSED will not accept or publish articles written by third-party vendors.  NYSED will not accept or publish articles that promote the use of a specific purchased product or advertise a product, service, organization, or event.  

Articles should include the following:

  • A description of the school or district demographics (i.e. rural, suburban, urban; enrollment numbers; etc.)
  • Specific challenge(s) that were addressed through the implemented program
  • Outcomes of implementation (can be positive, negative, or neutral; educators recognize that learning from “failure” is often as helpful as learning from success)
  • Key factors that led to positive outcomes (or unforeseen or negative outcomes)
  • Contact information for other educators or administrators looking for more information
  • An abstract (one paragraph max)

Articles selected for publication will be published in an Educational Technology Newsletter and posted to the Office of Educational Design and Technology’s website.

Specific Parameters

  1. It is the responsibility of the entity submitting the article to ensure that there is compliance with all relevant copyright and privacy laws. Responsibility for obtaining any third-party permission(s) if necessary, rests with the entity submitting the article.
  2. By submitting an article to NYSED, you understand and acknowledge:
    • That you have the right to submit the article (you are the author or you have the author’s permission and/or any other necessary third-party permissions);
    • That you have permission from school/district/BOCES administration to submit an article to NYSED for publication; and
    • NYSED to publish the article in various formats, including but not limited to an electronic newsletter sent by email and on a webpage.  
  3. Articles should be submitted as an attached document to an email sent to Documents must be submitted in an editable word processor file format (Word, Pages).  Articles in .pdf or image file (including scanned documents), desktop publishing (Publisher), or slideshow (Power Point, Keynote) formats will not be accepted.
  4. A one paragraph abstract of each article will be published in the newsletter, with a link to the full article embedded in the abstract.  It is suggested that the complete article be five pages or less, including photos.  Abstracts should be submitted with the article.  
  5. NYSED retains the right to edit submitted articles for grammar, mechanics, and spelling. Articles longer than five pages may also be edited for length at the discretion of NYSED staff.  If significant editing of content is required, NYSED may correspond to submitter with a request for edits.
  6. Articles may contain pictures. Videos may be embedded in the article. The school district is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the appropriate release forms. 
    • Release forms must be signed and retained by the district for all visual and audio content that features people, both children and adults. The release form for children must be signed by a parent or guardian.
    • Release forms must also be signed by the owners of the visual and audio content (photographers, videographers, etc.) verifying that the content may be posted on the website.
  7. If you would like to share files related to your article, please provide a link to your website or a person to contact for more information in the body of the submission email. NYSED cannot post files on its website.
  8. Articles are due by the last school day of the month for potential publication in the middle of the next month. Publication is not guaranteed. Publication may occur up to one year after date of submission.  Notification of publication or rejection will not be sent.  
  9. If you would like to be added to the Office of Educational Design and Technology listserv to receive the Newsletter, please provide your your name and email address on the NYS Ed Tech Innovators Sign Up page.