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Resource Guide for School Success – The Third Grade Learning Standards Now Available

July 23, 2021

The Office of Early Learning and the Office of Curriculum and Instruction previously collaborated to create the Resource Guides for School Success in Early Learning. The Resource Guides for School Success in Early Learning are grade-specific resources that consolidate all learning standards into one comprehensive document that provides a uniform format to make them easily accessible for teachers, specialists, administrators, and parents. They are intended to be used as a reference tool by teachers, specialists, and administrators responsible for designing programs. However, users are encouraged to review the full articulations of the New York State Learning Standards, per subject area, to access a higher level of detail, additional introductory statements, and illustrate learning progressions across grades. 

These two offices would like to thank the National Association of State Boards of Education for its generous funding opportunity to support the development of this new third grade resource guide for educators, Resource Guide for School Success: The Third Grade Early Learning Standards. The New York State Third Grade Resource Guide for School Success in Early Learning provides:

  • a framework for all third-grade children regardless of abilities, language, background, or diverse needs;
  • a resource for planning professional learning opportunities; and
  • a tool for focusing discussions on early learning by educators, policy makers, families, and community members.