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Condom Availability Plan

NYSED Assessment Process for Review of a Local Education Agencies (LEAs) Condom Availability Plan (CAP) and Approval of the Plan for Training for School Personnel and/or Health Service Personnel Providing Personal Health Guidance to Students (Updated 11/16/17) 
As stated in Commissioner's Regulations §135.3 (c) (2-ii) boards of education or trustees may make condoms available to students as part of a district's AIDS instruction program. This document provides an identified process and an assessment rubric for LEAs to use as guidance when preparing and writing their CAP for submission and review by the State Education Department. Any outcomes based upon this document should be reviewed and approved at the district level and remain consistent with local community values. Every attempt has been made to ensure information and resources contained in this document are current and reflective of best practice.

A CAP Webinar, which is a self-paced learning module is available for assistance when completing the CAP Rubric, and can be located at our New York State Center’s for School Health Website