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Scaffolding Instruction for ELLs/MLLs, Grades K-2


Resources to support teachers in scaffolding instruction for ELLs/MLLs in Grades K-2 include an introduction, skills and routines, and exemplar lessons.


An introduction explains the techniques used to support ELLs/MLLs in understanding and communicating about text read aloud and in mastering foundational skills and routines.

Skills and Routines

These routines include the most prominent skills and routines introduced by Core Knowledge in kindergarten and first grade, but they also appear in second grade.

Lesson Exemplars:

The lesson exemplars demonstrate ways to support ELLs/MLLs in understanding and communicating about text read aloud. ELL/MLL supports have been added to three parts of the Tell It Again! Read Aloud Anthologies—Core Vocabulary, Presenting the Read Aloud, and Discussing the Read Aloud at three grade levels.

Kindergarten: Native Americans

Grade 1: The Human Body

Grade 2: Greek Myths


Staff at the Center for English Language Learners at the American Institutes for Research conduct rigorous research to improve instruction and learning for English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners (ELLs/MLLs); perform evaluations of programs that involve ELLs/MLLs; and support states, districts, and schools in improving policies and programs for ELLs/MLLs. Our work is guided by the belief that ELLs/MLLs bring many strengths to learning in a second language and benefit from evidence-based assistance tailored to their diverse needs.