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Instructional Units of Study Position Statement and Guidance For COVID-19 Fall School Re-Opening

As per Commissioner’s Regulations Part 154, English Language Learners (ELLs) must be provided the required instructional Units of Study in their English as a New Language (ENL) or Bilingual Education (BE) program based on their most recent English language proficiency level as determined by the most current NYSESLAT or NYSITELL assessment. Each district shall provide continuity of programs such that all students designated as ELLs can continue to receive the program type, i.e., Bilingual Education (BE) or English as a New Language (ENL), in which they were initially enrolled.

Use this Unit of Study Position Statement document to learn more about the definition of a “Unit of Study”, Use of Home Language Instruction, Transitional Bilingual (TBE), Dual Language (DL), Stand Alone ENL, and Integrated ENL instruction considerations, and Former English Language Learners.