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Learning Technology Grant Conference

July 14 –15, 2021 / Virtual Conference

Overview of Learning Technology Grant Program

The Learning Technology Grants (LTG)  program funds School Districts and Consortia to develop, implement, and share innovative programs that utilize learning technologies to personalize learning, increase access to high-quality, rigorous learning experiences, and provide professional development programs to assist teachers and educational leaders to effectively utilize learning technology to enhance teaching and learning. 

As required by CRR 144.8,  the recipients of 2018-2021 Learning Technology Grants will discuss their program results during two virtual half-day sessions — held via WebEx — on the mornings of July 14 and 15. This event is open to all NYS superintendents, principals, technology directors, and other school and district-level administrators. Please join us.

Conference Details

Each day begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m. During that time, two informative panel discussions will be held where each of the LTG recipients will have the opportunity to share their experiences with the audience. 

Attendees will hear about success stories and innovative programming, overcoming unexpected challenges, and a multitude of valuable resources such as planning documents, curriculum maps, training videos and other project artifacts in a variety of accessible formats.

The goal of the conference is to provide immediately actionable suggestions that  will assist with replicating  all or portions of the programs presented.  You will be provided access to program resources and contact information should you wish to pursue program implementation upon return from the conference.


Registration is required and is now open. Only NYS educators,  as described above,  are eligible to attend.  Attendees must register separately for each day of the conference.  Please review the LTG Registration Instructions prior to submitting your registration.

Once your registration is accepted, you will receive a unique link for each day of the conference This link will only work for you and should not be shared.  

LTG Conference Day One – 7/14/2021 Registration

LTG Conference Day Two – 7/15/2021 Registration

Questions about the Learning Technology Grant program or conference should be directed to the Office of Educational Design and Technology at