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Advanced Placement Fee Waivers

New York State Funding for Eligible Students’ 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Process for School Districts

The 2020 administration dates have passed, the College Board will bill the state directly.  No further action is required by school districts for the 2020 AP Fee Waivers.

Information related to 2021 administration dates is forthcoming.

Additional questions can be directed to or (518) 474-5922.

Resources for Students

The College Board will be offering a variety of testing options for the 2021 AP Exam Administration.  Additional information can be referenced on the College Board’s AP 2020-2021 Updates webpage. AP Daily: Live Review sessions, April 19–29, can help students review course content and skills before exams. Additional questions about testing options for the 2021 AP Exam Administration may be directed to the classroom teacher, the school’s AP Coordinator, or the College Board (Send a Message to the College Board).