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New York State Education Department: Organization Chart - Text Only Version


Secretary to the Board
Chris Halpin
(518) 474-5889

Commissioner of Education and
President of the University of the State of New York

Betty A. Rosa

Executive Deputy Commissioner
Sharon Cates-Williams
(518) 473-8381

Senior Deputy Commissioner for Education Policy (P-12 and Higher Education)
Jim Baldwin
(518) 486-1994

Counsel and Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs
Dan Morton-Bentley
(518) 474-6400

Public Affairs
Assistant Commissioner
Emily DeSantis
(518) 474-1201

P-12 Instructional Support
Deputy Commissioner

Kimberly Wilkins
(518) 474-5915

Higher Education
Deputy Commissioner

William Murphy
(518) 486-3633

Cultural Education
Deputy Commissioner

Mark Schaming
(518) 474-5976

The Professions
Deputy Commissioner

Sarah Benson
(518) 486-1765

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services
Deputy Commissioner
Ceylane Meyers-Ruff
(518) 474-2714

Performance Improvement and Management Services
Deputy Commissioner

Sharon Cates-Williams
(518) 473-4706

Chief Financial Officer
Phyllis Morris
(518) 474-7751