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Workshop 3: Designing Effective Units of Instruction

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Workshop Description:  How can I focus each unit to effectively develop and assess learners’ performance?  Using the principles of backward design (UbD), plan one unit of instruction:  identify the goals (from Standards and Can-Do Statements), determine acceptable evidence (design assessment of each Mode of Communication), and plan the instruction (what learners need to know and be able to do).   The heart of the unit design is envisioning what success looks like as you create the assessments for the end of a unit of instruction.  Integrate the assessment of the three Modes of Communication and measure growth in what learners can do with what they know.   Build your repertoire for the effective design of tasks in the three Modes of Communication targeting Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced levels of proficiency.


Apr. 20: Long Island (Graner Kennedy)

Apr. 21: New York City (Sandrock)

Apr. 22: Hudson Valley (Sandrock)

Apr. 23:  Albany (Sandrock)

Apr. 28: Buffalo (Lundgaard)

Apr. 29: Rochester (Lundgaard)

Apr. 30: Syracuse(Lundgaard)