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Graduation and Testing Requirements

Program Information

Progress is measured by the successful completion of Regents and/ or Regents Competency Exams. (RCT’s), and a minimum of 22 credits required for a High School Diploma. Students may be eligible to participate in one of the Career and Technical Programs offered at Madison-Oneida BOCES.

In the Academic Program, students can meet with college representatives at NYSSD, visit colleges with programs for the deaf, participate in mentoring programs and career fairs and gain work experience both on and off campus. Assistance is provided with referrals to VESID for adult services, college applications, financial aid forms and scholarship opportunities available to NYSSD students.

Academic support services for students take place during after-school programming, tutoring and in small classes with Instructor Assistants. Students have ample opportunities to maximize their potential and meet New York State Learning Standards. Ongoing communication regarding student progress takes place among educational staff, parents and Child Care Aides in the residential program.

NYSSD students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities to supplement classroom instruction. These activities develop leadership potential, life skills, community service and employability skills, all of which contribute to the students’ success after high school.

High School Academic Program

The NYSSD Academic Program is designed for deaf students to work toward a New York State Regents Diploma and pursue postsecondary education or employment after graduation.

We encourage students to begin thinking about post-secondary goals while in middle school, and together we work on a transition plan to help students reach their goals. We hope the enclosed information helps you with your child’s educational plans.

High School Career Prep - IEP Diploma Requirements

To Graduate Before Age 21, the student will:

  1. Master ALL Curriculum Objectives that have been identified as essential with a score of 3 or 4
  2. Successfully complete appropriate Work Experiences
  3. Complete a Transition Plan.


  • The student will Receive an IEP Certificate of Completion at age 21.

Graduation Requirements - Total of 22 credits

  • English- 4 Credits
  • Social Studies- 4 Credits
  • Math- 3 Credits
  • Science- 3 Credits (1 of 3 must be Living Environment and 1 must be either Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science)
  • Foreign Language- 1 Credit
    (Adv. Regents needs 3 credits)
  • Health- 1/2 Credit
  • Art or Music - 1 Credit
  • PE- 2 Credits- must include swimming
  • Electives- 3 1/2 Credits

Testing Requirements

Local Diploma:

Regents Exams - Minimum Score of 55

  • ELA
  • U.S. History
  • Science (Earth Science or Living Environment)
  • Global History
  • Integrated Algebra

RCT Examinations (Safety Net): If they can not obtain a 55 on Regents, they can pass the equivalent RCT with a Minimum Score of 65

  • Math
  • Science
  • Global Studies
  • U.S. History
  • Reading
  • Writing

Regents Diploma - Minimum score 65 on all 5 exams

  • English
  • U.S History
  • Earth Science or Living Environment
  • Global History
  • Integrated Algebra

Advanced Regents Diploma - Minimum score of 65 on all 8 exams

  • English
  • Global History
  • U.S. History
  • Foreign Language- ASL
  • Physical/ Earth Science
  • Living Environment/ Biology
  • Math (2 Regents exams)

For additional information visit the General Education and Diploma Requirements page.