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Facilities Planning

Installation of Security Cameras

Section 3602, Subdivision 6-C of the Education Law has been amended to include the purchase and installation of security cameras to be eligible for building aid when installed in a student-occupied building.

The purpose of this legislation is to allow a school district to install security cameras (equipment only) and claim building aid separately from a traditional capital construction project. If the security cameras are part of a larger capital project that includes, for example, legitimate capital construction (such as the installation of an entire security system where there will be electrical wiring installed through the building), then a Building Permit is required. The security cameras would then be included as an incidental expense to that particular project. If however, the school district is proposing to install equipment only (i.e., security cameras) then a Building Permit would not be required. The school district would submit our special claim form to receive building aid on those expenses. The claim form is available on the Office of Facilities Planning website under "Forms and Publications".

A special cost-per-unit allowance has been established for the purpose of establishing a maximum cost allowance per building. If the total cost claimed is within the maximum cost allowance assigned, the cost will be eligible for aid at the school district’s aid ratio. If the total cost claimed exceeds the maximum cost allowance, the maximum cost allowance will be eligible for building aid at the school district’s aid ratio.

All claims for building aid on the purchase of security cameras should be directed to Carl Thurnau, Coordinator for Facilities Planning, Room 1060 EBA, Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12234.

Click here to download the claim form.