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Technology and 21st century tools for writing are available and modeled for students to use throughout the writing process.

At Dansville Central School District, students are practicing their writing skills digitally, independently, and collaboratively. Despite the format, the writing process is ever present as they draft, edit, revise, and prepare their work for publication.

In the example above, a group of students in a literature circle are working together to build a graphic organizer for a thematic essay on chart paper. They will be able to use the information that they gathered as a group to then write independently. This same process could occur digitally, using a variety of tools to support the collaborative process. As writers develop, providing opportunities for collaboration in person and digitally is an opportunity for practice with multiple standards.


Here, students are engaged in activities that require them to use text and images to identify details, make inferences, and gather information on a topic a scavenger hunt activity using a hyperdoc. Each student is exploring a variety of articles on a chosen topic through Newsela, ReadWorks, and a teacher curated digital library created in Google Drive. The hyperdoc leads the student through standards aligned tasks that build in complexity, all culminating in a student created video presentation.  On the right, students are using non-captioned images to identify details, make inferences, and analyze how the details support their analysis of each image.


Students working together to identify unknown words, etc.