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Staying Connected: Your Stories - May 14, 2020

Connections in Education during the Coronavirus Crisis

As educators navigate unprecedented obstacles with limited resources and guaranteed uncertainty, New York State educators lead the nation in their acceptance of this challenge. Throughout our state, administrators, teachers, and school personnel have demonstrated their extraordinary dedication, support, and commitment to their students and our children. From teacher parades for students to food and technology deliveries for families, New York’s educators have risen to this challenge! The New York State Education Department wishes to highlight the exceptional dedication of our educators with examples of emotional support, equitable solutions, and instructional practices utilized to stay connected with the students of New York State during this period of building closures. Read more below for stories that have been shared with us recently, or, if you have your own stories to share, please visit our Submit Your Stories page for additional information.

Dear Ossining Family...

Ossining Union Free School District

"We will be your rainbow." Teachers and staff from the Ossining Union Free Central School District send a message of love and hope to the students and community.

WEMOCO Virtual Career Fair

WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center, Spencerport

In the past, WEMOCO’s annual Career Fair was held in the Professional Development Center at the BOCES 2 Education Services Center. In 2019, over 75 companies attended the Career Fair. Upon the realization that New York State would still be on pause for this year's May 1st scheduled event,  Work-Based Learning Coordinators Brandilyn Gage-Steves and Cindy Christensen redesigned the event so students would not miss out on the opportunity to connect with local businesses in their desired career fields.

“Although this pandemic has changed how we are conducting our business, we need now more than ever for our students to be able to utilize the transferrable skills they have been developing during their time at WEMOCO, to connect with industry and continue to help close the skills gap,” says Gage-Steves. “We won’t let anything stop us from seeing our students be successful.” 

We won’t let anything stop us from seeing our students be successful.
Brandilyn Gage-Steves, Work-Based Learning Coordinator

The pair has asked all interested businesses to send information about the company and employment opportunities for students to explore. The information will be used to create a gallery that students can browse and find companies they are interested in. Student resumes will then be sent to the company of interest to set up a potential virtual interview or tour. 

“We realize the impact that the Coronavirus has had on the businesses in our community. We want our industry partners to know that we value their partnerships and that we appreciate their support for our students during these difficult times,” says Christensen. “Our commitment to having the Career Fair, despite current circumstances, proves our belief that connecting two valuable groups will help us come out of COVID-19 stronger and better together.”

For more information about what the WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center is doing to keep students engaged throughout remote learning, please contact Ashley Decker at

Salamanca in Bloom

Salamanca City School District

The Seneca Intermediate School STEAM Team created a project to engage the Salamanca community, called Salamanca Blooms.  Students and community members were encouraged to design flowers and place them in their home windows for passers-by to see. To support the project, the Salamanca staff created its own flower montage. Happy Spring!

#SalamancaBlooms Community Photos


Salamanca Staff Collage

Submit Your Own Stories

We encourage you to share your story. Your story might be a one-page account, a video, or even pictures showing us how your school, your students, and your community are staying connected. Please visit our Submit Your Story page for additional information.