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June and August 2022 Regents Examinations Will Be Administered

March 21, 2022

We have a shared commitment to putting the health and safety of students and teachers first. Based on the data currently available to the Department, we believe that Regents Examinations can be administered safely and equitably across the State in June and August 2022. The Regents Examinations will be administered in accordance with the posted examination schedules. Assessing students at the state-level provides a valuable opportunity to determine the extent to which individual students are achieving the NYS learning standards and informs steps the Department can take to foster equity to improve the educational opportunities for every student in New York. 

Any questions about the administration of the Regents Examinations should be directed to the Office of State Assessment (OSA) at emscassessinfo@nysed.govAll guidance related to the Regents Exams will be available on OSA’s website.