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Empowering Learning Through Leadership: Reporting

Update December 2020:
This web page is a companion to the 2016 version of the School Library Program Rubric. NYSED released an updated School Library Program Rubric in December 2020.

Student Snapshot: Effectiveness of library media program policies and resource use in meeting the needs of students is reported throughout the school community Johnson (2013) states “... a good communications plan is key to a vital library program and ... a good annual report is part of that plan.” “The key to a successful report lies not in its clarity or composition or medium, but in its direct correlation to the school's goals” 

Source: Johnson, Doug. “Getting Your Year End Report Read.” The Blue Skunk Blog, 29 May 2013.

Citation for Photo: Kaima Library. Noel Beddoe talk. 2014 March 12. Kaima Library. Flickr.

This web page features a photo from Kaima Library, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

In Practice

Annual Reporting as an Advocacy Tool

Description: This post explores how librarians can use annual data to explore the effectiveness of current programs and advocate for them to the school community.

Resource/Citation: "Annual Reporting as an Advocacy Tool." Kansas Association of School Librarians, 2009/

Teacher and Staff Data

Description: This page contains information and statistical reports on school personnel, as well as instructions on collecting and reporting data.

Resource/Citation: NYSED. "Teacher and Staff Data." New York State Education Department, 11 Jan. 2016. 

Steps to Creating Stellar Infographic Annual Reports

Description: In today’s world it is important to display information in multiple formats. Infographics are a clear and effective way of portraying complex data. This article explores easy to use software that will allow you to turn your annual report into a robust support tool by creating infographics.

Resource/Citation: Hobbs, Travis. "4 Steps to Creating Stellar Infographic Annual Reports." The Able Altruist, 2014.

The Annual Report Guide

Description: The following chart, created by Debra E. Kachel, summarizes information addressed in her article “The Annual Report as an Advocacy Tool” on pages 27-29. School librarians can use the chart and article to guide the development of an annual report to be shared with others. It is an important advocacy tool that helps succinctly communicate what is being accomplished through the school library.

Resource/Citation: Kachel, Debra. "The Annual Report Guide." School Library Monthly, vol. 28, no. 8, 2012, p. 2.

School Library Annual Reports: Connecting the Dots Between Your Library and Student Learning

Description: Jennifer LaGarde (aka Library Girl!) is the Lead School Library Media Coordinator/Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist for New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, NC. She is one of only two school librarians, ever, to both win the ALA, New York Times and Carnegie Corporation’s  "I Love My Librarian Award"  AND be named a Library Journal "Mover and Shaker.” Her article explores how library reporting can have positive outcomes on student performance.

Resource/Citation: LaGarde, Jennifer. "School Library Annual Reports: Connecting the Dots Between Your Library And Student Learning." The Adventures of Library Girl, 22 May 2013.

In Theory

Resources About State Growth Measures

Description: NYSED has compiled resources for educators and administrators, including librarians, to use as they report, interpret, and share information about their schools. Much of this falls into the section in EngageNY that discusses Teacher Effectiveness and more specifically growth measures.

Resource/Citation: New York State Education Department. "Resources about State Growth Measures." EngageNY, 22 Oct. 2012.

International Federation of Library Associations, School Library Guidelines 2nd, completely updated and enlarged edition

Description: Guidelines developed to assist school library professionals and educational decision makers in their efforts to ensure that all students and teachers have access to effective school library programs and services, delivered by qualified school library personnel, including recommendations for annual reports to show evidence of the quality of school library services and programs and their impact on teaching and learning in the school. 

Resource/Citation: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. "IFLA School Library Guidelines." IFLA, Jan. 2015.


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