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Arts Assessment


As the Learning Standards for the Arts move into full implementation, administrators and teachers will need to develop assessments aligned with state standards and local goals to measure student learning. Assessments that are authentic and based on real-world arts-making tasks are vital to support student learning. Quality arts assessments, both summative and formative, will provide students with opportunities to engage in diverse approaches, styles, and interpretations of work, and demonstrate artistic literacy within the discipline. 

Pre-assessments, ongoing formative assessments, summative and/or post-assessments informed by the standards and performance indicators will help teachers monitor student progress along a continuum towards standards achievement, and attune their instruction as needed.  

To assist districts, schools, and educators, the Department, along with NYSED Arts Content Advisory Panel, has developed an Arts Assessment Think document. Further resources are under development and forthcoming.  

Arts Assessment Think Document

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