Community School Regional Technical Assistance Centers

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Three regional Technical Assistance Centers will provide technical assistance to school districts establishing or operating Community Schools. The responsibilities of the TACs include statewide dissemination of information on effective and promising practices in the establishment and ongoing management of Community School strategies through professional development and technical assistance activities designed to:

  1. Familiarize school personnel across New York State with Community School strategies;
  2. Increase the knowledge and skills of school personnel and community partners to aid in the implementation, management, and sustainability of Community Schools;
  3. Promote the establishment and development of Community Schools that incorporate the characteristics of Community Schools strategies listed above: a rigorous academic program with strong supports, a full range of school-based and school-linked programs and services, and partnerships that demonstrate collaboration with the local community;
  4. Provide school districts with the tools necessary to design and implement needs/resource assessments that will provide the data necessary to effectively target Community School resources;
  5. Increase statewide capacity to support effective Community School strategies; and
  6. Identify and evaluate the school districts’ needs within a region in order to provide tailored technical assistance and professional development.




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State Statute:             Education Law §

State Regulation:      8NYCRR Part



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