Community Schools

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“Community Schools” are public schools that emphasize family engagement and are characterized by strong partnerships and additional supports for students and families designed to counter environmental factors that impede student achievement. Fundamentally, Community schools coordinate and maximize public, non‐profit and private resources to deliver critical services to students and their families, thereby increasing student achievement and generating other positive outcomes.  Eligible school districts target school buildings as ‘community hubs’ to deliver co‐located or school‐linked academic, health, mental health, nutrition, counseling, legal and/or other services to students and their families in a manner that will lead to improved educational and other outcomes.

This program reflects the recommendations of the New NY Education Reform Commission and is consistent with the New York State Board of Regents advocacy for establishing programs for students and families that provide academic enrichment activities along with a broad array of student and family development opportunities within their communities.   



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State Regulation:      Education Law § 3641 subdivision 6            



State-                           $15m


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Total-                           $15m