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The State Archives administers the central records management program and provides advisory services for State government agencies and a broad range of technical assistance, advice, and grants support to approximately 4,500 local governments on a spectrum of records management issues. These services are provided from the State Archives’ Albany office and from a network of nine regionally located offices.

Arts and Cultural Affairs law authorizes the State Archives to develop and disseminate records retention and disposition schedules for New York’s State and local governments, oversee the use of disposition schedules by State Executive Branch agencies and provide training, technical assistance, technology advisory services and other consultant services to support records management. Examples of government records services, which the State Archives provides, include advice and assistance in:

  • Records management program planning and evaluation.
  • Identifying and selecting records of historical value for permanent preservation.
  • Files and record keeping system design and management.
  • Records retention and disposition.
  • Electronic records management and applied information technology.
  • Identifying and meeting record keeping requirements.
  • Business process analysis and managing records in automated office environments.
  • Security for and access to records.
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery.
  • Storage and preservation.
  • Records imaging and micrographics.

The State Archives administers a local assistance program, funded by the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund. Through a competitive grant program, local governments may apply for funds to initiate or enhance local records management programs.  Local governments use their grant funds for a variety of records management projects, some of which include developing electronic information systems, conducting thorough inventories of records, developing plans for managing records, and conducting projects to digitize and preserve local government archival records.  



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State Statute:             Arts and Cultural Affairs Law Section 57.05 and Article 57-A

State Regulation:      8 NYCRR Parts 185 and 188 





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