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The New York State Archives through its Archival Services Program ensures the identification, management and accessibility of historical records statewide and the archival records of New York State and colonial governments. The Archives coordinates statewide documentation, archival advisory services and access to historical records in repositories across the state through its Documentary Heritage Program (DHP). As a result of these services, historical records repositories are better able to manage and make available an inclusive comprehensive documentation of the history and cultures of New York. The Archives also identifies, accessions, preserves, and makes available those records of New York State government that have long-term value for documenting public programs and policy decisions, maintaining government accountability, providing legal evidence, and meeting research and other special needs of the government and the public. The Archives provides administrative support for the State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) in its role in planning statewide archival strategy.

Statewide Archival Services - The DHP of the State Archives, enacted in 1988 to strengthen New York’s historical records programs, improves the collection, care and management of historical records programs statewide and increases their availability and use by researchers. The DHP awards competitive grants to historical records programs and provides advisory services to programs statewide.  In the years of its existence, the DHP has provided direct advisory and program development services to hundreds of historical records repositories; facilitated the identification and preservation of historically valuable records of over 2,500 under documented organizations and groups; supported many workshops on techniques for managing historical records; fostered greater use of historical records; and encouraged the development of new programs and closer cooperation among existing programs. Through direct grants to historical records programs, the DHP has supported projects to improve the documentation of New York, the arrangement and description of historical records to make them more readily available for research, and other projects to improve their care and management.  



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State Statute:             Arts and Cultural Affairs Law Section 57.05; Education Law, Section 140 

State Regulation:      8 NYCRR 189.1 





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