Integrated Employment

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Through the passage of Chapter 515 of the Laws of 1992, integrated employment, including supported employment, is implemented through a collaborative interagency process.  This legislation designated Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), now ACCES, as having the primary responsibility for the coordination of program development and administration of integrated employment.  ACCES accomplishes this in collaboration with its interagency partners through innovative approaches directly with business, industry and labor and through enhancements in the provision of supported employment services.  Collaboration with interagency partners to implement the State's workforce development efforts is also critical.

Integrated Employment – Workforce Development and Marketing

The primary focus of Workforce Development and Marketing is to target specific business sectors, industries, trade associations, and labor unions to accomplish the following:

Enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Provide technical assistance to aid business and industry in recognizing the value of people with disabilities as valued employees and a powerful consumer segment.

Supported Employment

Supported employment (SE) provides job-based training and support services to individuals with the most significant disabilities to enable them to maintain competitive employment in integrated work settings in the community.  For administrative and funding purposes, the Program is conceived as having two phases: intensive and extended services.  Intensive services assist individuals to become proficient in the performance expectations of an employment setting.  Extended services provide individuals with the services and supports needed for the long-term retention of their employment upon completion of their intensive training phase.  Funding for extended service requires coordination with the Office of Mental Health (OMH) and the Office of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).



Federal Statute:        Rehabilitation Act 

Federal Regulation:  34 CFR Parts 361, 363 

State Statute:             Education Law Section 1004 

State Regulation:      8NYCRR Parts 246 and 247



State-                           $15.2m            SE Intensive Services

Federal-                       $1 m                SE Intensive and Extended Services

Special Revenue-         

Total-                           $16.2m