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NYSSB Seal Request Form

The Seal Request form is used to notify the New York State Education Department (NYSED) of the number of Seal stickers and medallions requested and the address to which they should be sent. The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) will provide to all eligible NYS schools the Seal stickers to be placed on the diplomas, the medallions for students to wear at graduation, and certificate templates at no charge.  Public schools outside of the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) system and all charter and non-public schools within New York State (regardless of location) should use this Seal Request form.  Questions on this form should be directed to  Submission is done via an online form accessible at the following link.  It is recommended to download a template of the Seal Request Form in either Word or PDF (see downloadable documents at the bottom of this page) so as to see the data that needs to be collected before filling out the online form.

There is a separate NYCDOE Seal Request form for public schools within the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).  Questions on the NYCDOE Seal Request form should be directed to

We recommend that schools submit this form as soon as students have completed all of the work for the Seal (e.g., presented their Culminating Projects, taken any approved assessments) and preferably by May 31st. We understand that all Seal criteria might not be finalized by May 31st (e.g., course grades, AP scores). As such, schools should submit these forms as soon as possible following Culminating Project Presentations and indicate as "anticipated" any students who are still awaiting scores for assessments or other criteria. While schools may submit both the Seal Request form and the End-of-Year Data form after May 31st, they should plan on at least two weeks of processing time between the receipt of both forms by OBEWL and the delivery of the Seals/medallions.

Schools with "anticipated" Seal candidates (those who have not yet met the criteria at the time of the original form submission) should submit an amended End-of-Year Data form with the final data by no later than July 15th.

Anticipated Candidates

Because schools need time to prepare graduation materials prior to final grades/scores being available, the school should anticipate students who will earn the NYSSB and submit this form by May 31st.  For example, if a student plans to earn a point using an Advanced Placement (AP) exam taken in May of the senior year, the score will not be available until July.  The school in this case should consult with the student’s subject area AP teacher to anticipate whether the student will meet the criteria to determine the total number of Seal stickers and medallions to order on this form.  The school will keep the Seal stickers and medallions and only award them upon successful completion of ALL criteria.  This may mean that the school will have to hold on to some Seals and medallions until after the release of such scores in mid-July. 

All schools should make a final determination of which students earned the NYSSB by no later than July 15th.  If there were changes in the students who were anticipated to earn the NYSSB between the submission of the End-of-Year Data form by May 31st and this final determination, the school must submit an amended End-of-Year Data form by July 15th.  Any changes should be highlighted in a different color.

The number of students receiving the NYSSB reported on this form must be only graduating seniors.  Students are only reported on the Seal Request and End-of-Year Data forms in the year in which they are graduating – juniors are never reported on these forms.