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Office of Special Education Educational Partnership

The New York State Education Department’s Office of Special Education (OSE) - Educational Partnership is a coordinated and cohesive professional development and technical assistance network designed to support and empower schools and families in improving equity, access, opportunities and outcomes for students with disabilities. 

The OSE Educational Partnership includes five Technical Assistance Partnerships (TAPS), housed at Institutes of Higher Education, and Regional Teams located in each region of the State. Maps of the TAPs and Regional Teams identify where Partnership vendors are located. Using an intensive team approach based upon district specific needs, the Regional Teams, which include Regional Partnership Centers (RPC), Early Childhood Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Centers and School-Age FACE Centers, provide targeted support to districts to enhance district capacity to provide services and supports for students with disabilities from early childhood and school-age education to engagement in post-school opportunities. Families, approved preschool and school-age programs, public schools and districts, and community partners are encouraged to contact the RPC and Early Childhood and School-Age FACE Centers in your region of the State for assistance and training on a variety of topics related to special education including special education, transition, early childhood, culturally responsive-sustaining education, academic and behavioral supports, and family engagement. This list contains contact information for each Regional Team across the State.

The Educational Partnership’s website is intended to be used by the public, including parents and families of students with disabilities, young adults with disabilities and education professionals.  The website includes contact information for the RPCs and FACE Centers as well as links to register for upcoming professional development and training offerings. Questions or requests for more information may be directed to the Office of Special Education at  

The mission of the OSE Educational Partnership is to support and empower schools, families and communities to improve equity, access, opportunities and outcomes for all students with disabilities in New York State. Our vision for the Partnership is to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the 'Individuals with Disabilities Education Act' and the 'Blueprint for Improved Results for Students with Disabilities.' The Partnership’s underlying values utilize guiding principles of integrated Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and provide guidance for all program decisions to promote consistency, integrity, and sustainability:

  • An unwavering focus on student growth
  • Cultural and linguistic responsiveness and equity
  • Engaged stakeholders
  • A whole-child/whole-school approach
  • Proactive data-based problem-solving
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Full access for all students

Approved Training Packages as July 1, 2022


Maps of the TAPs and Regional Teams