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You may access the Impartial Hearing Reporting System (IHRS) from any computer with access to the Internet by going to the State Education Department home page at See Steps to Log On to IHRS section below for additional directions. 

IHRS is available 24/7; however, technical assistance is provided only during regular business hours 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.


Accessing the Help File

The Help File is an online tool available to answer most questions regarding IHRS and is accessed by clicking on the Help icon located anywhere in the IHRS site. Other features related to the Help File include:

Tool Tips – Tool tip links are located on many IHRS screens that link specific areas to a relevant topic in the Help File.

Downloadable Forms – Forms are available on the Help File site, to download or use electronically, to assist the user in capturing information during the hearing process for data reporting in IHRS. Quick help guides and the Help File in PDF format are also available for downloading.

Technical Assistance – Technical Assistance updates regarding IHRS are reported on the Help File site to inform users of new or revised features, technical assistance memorandums, and other helpful information to assist users in better understanding the system.

How to Obtain an IHRS Username and Password

The applications accessed through the NYSED Web portal contain critical and sensitive information, so access to the applications must be confidential and secure. A username and password is required before attempting to access IHRS.

If you do not have an IHRS username and password you may contact your delegated administrator for the State Education Department Delegated Account System (SEDDAS). A delegated administrator is a school district staff person assigned by the school superintendent to create and manage user accounts and passwords for their own employees. If you do not know your delegated administrator you may contact the school superintendent.

If after successfully logging on and clicking on the IHRS Main Menu you find that the IHRS menu selections are not visible, you may not be entitled to the IHRS application. Please contact your entitlement administrator. An entitlement administrator only has authority to entitle a user to a NYSED Web portal application and can not assign user accounts or reset passwords. If an entitlement administrator has not been delegated for your district, please contact your delegated administrator.

If the delegated administrator experiences problems with accessing SEDDAS, assigning a username or resetting a password he or she may contact the NYSED SEDDAS Help Desk by phone: 518-473-8832 or email: The email should include the delegated administrator’s name, district and phone number.

About Usernames and Passwords

A username will consist of your first name and your last name with a period in between and is not case sensitive. A temporary password of eight characters that include random letters and numbers will be assigned to you and is case sensitive. For example:

Username: jane.doe
Password: pas12wrd

Assigned Access

After you have received your username and password the delegated administrator or the entitlement administrator will entitle you to access the IHRS application.

Your username determines what information you are allowed to view and which functions you are allowed to perform in IHRS.


School district and IHO users are allowed to view case information for their own cases ONLY. They have no access to cases from other school districts.

Three Tries Only

A user has three (3) attempts to log in. If you are not successful on the third attempt, your password is disabled and you are prevented from logging on in the future. Please contact your delegated administrator to request your password be reset.

Steps to Log On to IHRS

Step 1.

Open your browser application (i.e., Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

Step 2.

Type in the Address/Search field on the browser tool bar at the top of the window and press Enter or click Go.

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