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A username will consist of your first name and your last name with a period in between and is not ??? case sensitive.  When a User is created, that User is sent by email a link that will allow you to create your own password.  For example: 

Username: jane.doe
Password: Must contain 8 characters, one upper case, one lower case, one number and a special character.

Assigned Access

After you have received your username and password the delegated administrator or the entitlement administrator will entitle you to access the IHRS application.

Your username determines what information you are allowed to view and which functions you are allowed to perform in IHRS.


School district and IHO users are allowed to view case information for their own cases ONLY. They have no access to cases from other school districts.

Unlocking Your Password

A user has three (3) attempts to log in. If you are not successful on the third attempt, your password is locked and you are prevented from logging on in the future. If this happens, you will need to reset your password, using the “Reset Password” link in the red banner on the NYSED Business Portal page.  See (link in this Help File).


Last updated
July 16, 2019 - 11:23am